Zephinx - Staff Application

Why would you like to be a moderator?
I’d like to be a moderator so that I can be able to help improve a player’s experience on this server by making them feel welcome and safe. I would also work to keep rule-breaking and griefing at a lower percentage. I’ve done former administrative service in the early UMC days and I would be very glad and honored to contribute and help out on this server once again, especially when this server has been growing fast in recent times.

What’s the first thing you’d do as a moderator?
As a moderator, I would wanna be able to connect to our players. I would check up on them once in a while, ask them if they need any help, or just interact with them in general. I think it’s very important to keep good interactions with players to guarantee that they may come back the very next day. I’d also want to specify and emphasize rules frequently to our players. If I see anything suspicious, I’d have a calm conversation with the player first and figure out what’s going on, and then if there’s any countinuous harm, I will have to take action.

How long have you been playing on the server?
I joined UMC in 2016 and went up to Senior Admin status up until my eventual resignation in 2017. I came back on the server near the end of March and have frequently logged on to play and help out since.

What is your username and unique identifier?
My username is Zephinx and my UUID is 15fb6dd1-642e-4a61-9c3b-390eb3e551a9

Do you have any social media?
My Discord is Zephinx#1302

Thank you for taking the time to read my application!


Good application. I have seen you a lot in game and you are always helpful. Stellar work, you will be a great addition to the team!

(oh and you like polar bears so I mean what else can I say)


I believe you will be a great addition to the team. Your application is detailed with qualities of a good staff member and you have already shown them qualities in game, which is what we are looking for.
Good luck!


detailed application and you are helpful in game


Although I haven’t been on in game in quite some time, I agree with my fellow staff members. I believe that based on your application, that you would be very helpful and a great addition. You have a place we can contact you if needed and you have previous experience from another server. Good luck.

@Zephix, your application has been approved!

It seems like your experience on the old UnraveledMC server has won you over with the staff team. You’re going to be an excellent addition here, and I’m pleased to welcome you to the team.