YTMillion staff application

Why would you like to be moderator?

I want to be a mod because i wanna rank. This can be the first server i can get a rank on and yea. Also i want mod because i wanna welcome other players with the rank next to my name.

What is the first thing you would do as a moderator?

I would thank the UnraveledMC team for letting me have the rank and be a nice guy.

How long have you been playing on the server?

5 Weeks ca. (i think)

What is your username and unique identifier?

My name is “YTMillion” and my identifier is ac09454d-5ce6-4bfc-975b-0060622f58a9
Do you have any social media?

No not really but i have discord: YayYYA#5328 or Million#3817.

Ofcourse i got denied OFCOURSE :((((((((((
wait ehy im i banned. i havent griefid UHHMMM.


This is a poorly constructed application that shows no qualities that you would be a good candidate for staff.

additionally i would like to move to deny this application upon executive review as you have just been banned for grieffing.


Poorly constructed application. Applicant seems to just want the rank and not the responsibilities that come with it. Additionally,


Statements above. You don’t wanna take in the responsibilities that come with the rank you only want one. If you wish to have a rank, build something grand and you might just get Architect.

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-1 see above

@Million, your application has been denied.

It seems like you applied to just having the little prefix in front of your username, and not to help out the server. You are welcome to re-apply in 30 days.