Will be inactive for a bit in the upcoming years

Sorry I may have to go inactive this soon in my moderation career, but I may be receiving surgery real soon depending on what my doctor says this next appointment. If he says my ears still have the rupture, I will need to spend a few weeks off of every platform so I can recover nicely. This is a two hour long surgery, so I will be in two moods:

  • Pissed, because I am in pain.
  • Tired, because of being awaken out of anesthesia. I also may have to wake up at 4:00 AM in the
    morning for this procedure.
    Again, this is all a possibility and I may not be receiving it, but I have a high chance of needing the surgery. Even then, the real inactivity starts after the pandemic wears off as I am too scared to visit any hospital due to the fear of getting the Coronavirus.
    I am just letting you know so I have less on my plate.

Good luck. I hope all goes well at the hospital.

Thanks serrif, I hope my surgery goes well should I be receiving it. I received the same surgery twice before which were both failed operations, hopefully this time it is not the case.

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I hope it is fine that after my staff suspension expires, I may be inactive?
Sorry I have let you down, serrif.
I promise to never make the same mistakes twice and get my shit together when my suspension is over.

Suspensions here are generally permanent. You will be eligible to file a reinstatement if you think you’ve waited long enough, but you’ll need to specify the reason for your removal.

Okay, thanks. The reason I got removed is this.
Bob: mutes someone
Me: You will be muted for five minutes for spamming.
Bob: Removes me

I don’t really need an explanation here. It isn’t the time or place. I would focus on your upcoming procedure.

Okay then. I hope all goes well whenever my surgeon decides to perform it. That is, while I am asleep and unaware of them cutting into me. Again, it is just a possibility that is likely to happen.