Where is the wiki

may I ask where the wiki is?

Wiki? We don’t have one.

We do not have a Wiki. There is no need for one, as this is a pretty straight-forward server. Everyone gets OP, but there are some permissions that only higher-ups hold. You can gain access to those permissions and responsibilities by applying. Power-hungriness is a good way to fail as an staff member, so don’t be ‘that one person.’ Power-hungriness is essentially where you do not like the responsibilities you get, but moreover the power. If you want to be that way, please don’t apply and ruin it for everyone.

but why is there a badge called “Wiki Editor?”

We sometimes like to call our forums the Wiki, as you can ask your question here and it gets answered within the radius of 5 minutes.

This is because the Discourse forum software classifies publicly-editable posts as “wiki posts” and does not actually imply that we have a wiki, per se. :wink:

oh, ok.

Please don’t power-post :slight_smile:. Add some detail if you must :wink:.