Was banned on the unraveledmc discord server

I was banned on the unraveledmc discord server and I am pretty sure why. If it was because I advertised my new server in a bunche of people’s dms, I am (kind of) new to discord and I didn’t know that clicking “invite” would actually automatically send a dm (im not sure what i thought it would do) and I also didn’t know that advertising in dms was so hated. One of the people I invited was NoHax, and he said that I “sinned” and pinged @everyone like 16 times until everybody else left, and I guess then banned me on the discord server. I am very sorry that I did something that was so hated but I didn’t know what I was doing at the time by pressing “invite”. However, I don’t think I should be banned for this because it was an honest mistake and NoHax was most of the reason eevryone got angry and left, the people that did join were cool with it. I even replied to every invite i sent with an apology for doing this, and the ones that replied forgived me. I am sorry and I will not do this again. I also might also be banned on the minecraft server, because I haven’t gotten a chance to log on since this happened. So if I was, I hope you understand and unban me there too.

Please use forum.unraveledmc.com/appeal to file a proper appeal.