Help pleas unband me my users is westineast did not
Minor Grief

OK, first of all, this took me about five minutes to fully comprehend. Please don’t do this on your ban appeal, or else it will probably get instantly denied.
That brings me to my next point. If you wish to appeal your ban, please don’t make a whole new thread on it, just go to https://forum.unraveledmc.com/appeal to appeal your ban. I’ll assume that since you got banned for Minor Griefing, your ban sentence would be somewhere about a day long. That makes you eligible to appeal a temporary ban, in which you can use the above provided link. Make a good, honest appeal, and you may just find yourself unbanned.
That brings me to my next point. Please don’t lie as you likely did here, staff have logs of the incident and can always pull up a 320 x 415 image of the CoreProtect logs signaling the fact that you griefed another build.
Good luck on your appeal, and safe 'ventures throughout the UMC network! Oh, and make sure to wear the appropriate stuff, stay inside, and don’t make human contact to ensure your safety during COVID-19! :wink:

As stated above, please use forum.unraveledmc.com/appeal for ban apppeals

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