Translator Application - iTzLeafPvP

What is your in-game username?

What is your unique identifier?

What is your Discord username?

What is your timezone?
GMT +0100. England.

What is the link to your last application (if any)?

What language(s) can you speak?
Latvian and Russian.

How proficient are you in that/those language(s)?

Where would you say your communication strength is?

Do you have any applicable experience with translating?
I do not have any professional experience with translating as I am still quiet young (14 years of age), but I have translated many things for my family as I was the one who understood English the fastest as I was the youngest. I would regularly translate messages from my parents work to them. I would also translate the letters I would get from school to my parents.

How did you learn this language? Do you speak it regularly?
It is my native language. Although I was born in Latvia, I have a Russian dad and half-Latvian, half-Russian mom. I speak it everyday with my family members, and I have been writing and reading Russian and Latvian a lot more than usual because my mom is quarantined in a different country, so I have been mostly communicating with her through text, because I prefer text over voice.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
I am more proficient in translating Latvian than Russian, but I can still understand, read and speak Russian, but I can not write as well in Russian.

Accepted - welcome to the team.