Tips on applying

Packing for the journey
You just registered, and you see your first admin! Don’t ask him or her to vouch you, it will have the opposite effect. Make good friends with the staff, and already, your chances have improved from 0% to 50%.
Getting seated on an airplane
You need some vouches, or you will become denied. This is why you need to make friends with the staff. Start helping out, and I am sure you will become admin.
Plane started up
Here it comes, my favorite part! Applying. Try to make it nice as possible, and bold your answers.
Middle of flight
Here comes the scary part, admins will say one of the three things.

  1. +1 - They want you to be admin
  2. +0 - They don’t know.
  3. -1 - They don’t want you to be an administrator.
    It is not over when a staff member objects. Read why they objected or vouched in it’s entirety and keep it up/stop what bad you were doing if they object.
    I knew you could do it, and you have not let me down! You can still be removed due to rule violations, so don’t do anything stupid that will get you suspended
    Sorry bro, you got denied. You have not let me down fully, though. Apply in 30 days, and try to do the opposite of what the objectors say. (Ex. He griefed, object - Don’t grief.)
    Good luck on your journey! I know you will do well.
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