Suspension appeal

What is your in-game username?
Where were you punished?
What is your unique identifier?
What is your Discord username?
Why were you punished?
For not knowing the rules and banning someone for a lag machine.
Why should your suspension be terminated and you should be reinstated?
I was suspended for not knowing the rules and banning someone for a lag machine. I caught them in the middle of making said machine, and I banned them and filed a permban request. Aaron suspended me for it because he said that it was not a lag machine. However, that person put a bunch of pistons under armor stands, which only seems like they wanted to lag the server. There are multiple cases where people have used armor stands to lag the server, and there is precedent where people have been permbanned for an attempted lag machine. Please see the two cases I have linked at the bottom.
I have probably read through around 75% of all the permban requests/reports.
I also rolled back someone’s griefing by doing /co restore near the old spawn. I did not ban anyone for it, but I accidentally did r:#global instead of r:25. I understand not to do #global unless the griefing was within 24 hours. Then, I tried to fix it by restoring bobscog’s build, but I again did #global. I will never do this again, but for these two reasons, and the fact that it has to do with a disability that I have, means that the suspension was faulty, and that I think that I should be reinstated
Is there any evidence that needs to be attached?

Permbanned for an attempted lag machine.

Lagged the server using armor stands.

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Denied for multiple reasons.

  1. This is not the reason you were suspended for - I delegated that to you in your DMS.

Please do not file another appeal for this suspension.