Why did I get sudoed to look bad by a staff member

You were not sudoed by any staff member. I don’t know where this thought arose from but it’s a waste of everyone’s time. All you do is come on the server and complain about this or that.


they made me say a curse word and this is what makes me mad. More of this crap, making me look like an idiot this is called abuse. And I know what ur gonna say again but can this server stop pls. Its getting on my nervous, I like the server on how its building and stuff. The only thing I don’t like is the admin abuse. They made me look stupid. I just want to play the server and I want staff members like esotalk to apologize for ruining my experience. They do this because I’m annoying I know. Its just so infuriating to make a player look bad which is extremely rude. All you have to do is mute me, if you want to make a good server you don’t abuse when your mad. Then they bully me about my spelling, which is very rude. I want esotalk to apologize on the server so everyone can see for what he as done. You need less abusive staff members to actually get players so they stay.

I would also like to add that I personally removed /sudo from everyone, devs and below. Only people with console or executives can sudo, and most of them have a strong negative viewpoint on using sudo on operators. I highly doubt this happened.

Look at logs they made me say FUCK OFF

I want proof in logs because I didn’t say it. Look at the commands the staff excuted

Enough of this. @Auldgreg you’re been banned from posting on the forum for a day. Maybe then you can get your affairs in order.


This has been resolved. We can confirm this wasn’t @shrimp,

[19:13:51] [Server thread/INFO]: YTMillion issued server command: /nick Auldgreg.
[19:13:51] [Async Chat Thread - #209/INFO]: x_Quicklyy: I was thinking they were alternating.
[19:13:57] [Async Chat Thread - #209/INFO]: [Voter] Auldgreg.: FUCK OFF ```