staff on other servers

has anyone else ever been staff on another server?

Yes. I am staff on 3 all together

I was never staff

I’m staff on a complete fuckton of servers :joy:
I will describe each of them below because why not.

  • I am staff on a server that I am hosting alongside a friend, we decided that it would be nice one day to have a server to ourselves.
  • I recently got staff on a server that a staff member from TF is hosting, I got five or four vouches and no objects/neutrals on my application.
  • A server that I have been staff on since late 2016.
  • A server in where the owner of the previously mentioned server is friends with this owner, so I found out about it fast. Decided to apply since I saw they could use some help.
  • A server a friend introduced me to, I decided to keep them company by applying alongside them for the same position so it takes off some of the weight on their shoulders.
  • Staff on a server that is also a branch of another server.
  • Staff on a server that I found by scrolling through TOPG for no good reason.
  • Staff on a server that Pumpkin and NoHax host together.
  • Staff on a server that the owner basically begged me to apply(lmao)
  • Staff on a few MineHut servers(lol)
    And that’s all.
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I own Minecraft therefore by transitive property I am staff on every server.

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I do not own Minecraft therefore by the zero property I am staff on zero servers.

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Uh then check your tag here-

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I’ve been staff on quite a few servers.