Staff Member Roster

:mega: Information

All of our staff members are responsible for appropriately moderating and conducting our community in a professional way. This resource is a roster for all of our active staff members which is broken down by rank. If you don't know what a particular rank does, click the expandable “Detailed rank information” menu.

Every staff member will be listed in this format:
In-game username / Forum handle / Discord name and identifier

:red_circle: Executives

Detailed rank information

These members are the “bosses” of the server. Any one of these members holds the same abilities as the next, and can make the final decisions. They approve and deny applications, can appoint or remove Developers and modify files on the server. They have every permission on the server, management panel, forum, and guild. These users manage services for the server as well, including voting websites and emails. They are able to suspend any member of staff.

1967 / @Panther / Panther#2122
bobscog / @bobscog / bobscog#2531
Dr_Coomer / @Paldiu / Dr. Albus Coomer, Ph.D.#0001
GraceC3013 / @GraceC3013 / GraceC3013#0008
Mosley / @Mosley / inpace#1685

:purple_circle: Developers

Detailed rank information

These members are users who code our plugins or maintain the ones that are deployed on the server. They have access to every permission on the server and are granted additional permissions on the management panel.

While developers are granted the tools to manage plugins, in any administrative sense they are equal to senior moderators and do not outrank them.

Dr_Coomer / @Paldiu / Dr. Albus Coomer, Ph.D.#0001
DrunkAsSkunk / @xeoda / Squishy Skennec#2839

:orange_circle: Admins

Detailed rank information

These members are the highest-ranking of our traditionally obtainable staff positions. They have all the same permissions as a Mod, and can also do the following:


  • Kicking all users. These members are able to kick all members from the server if necessary.
  • Permanent banning. Senior Mods are able to permanently ban any user in accordance with the conduct policy. A report must immediately be filed with appropriate evidence, and can undo this action with a command.
  • Staff management. These users are able to add and remove members to and from staff status on the server. They can add and remove Mods and Senior Mods only.
  • Server restriction. Senior Mods are also able to close the server into event and staff-only modes.
  • Control panel access. These users are able to stop, restart and start the server using their assigned panel account on the server management panel.


  • Staff suspensions. Senior Mods are able to suspend a Mod from status and file a report with appropriate evidence.
  • Actions access: Access to permanent banning and suspensions means Senior Mods are also able to post logs of their actions using the template.
  • Moderation abilities. These users are able to moderate the server forum. They are able to delete and edit posts, sticky and lock threads, and can mute and ban users from the platform.


  • Moderation abilities. These users are able to moderate the server guild. They are able to manage messages and users. This includes kicking and banning people from the guild. They cannot assign roles nor can they create or edit channels.

jwmphall / @jwmphall / jwmphallbeans#6704
TheHour / @TheHour / Jamie#5173
TMGamingOnYT / @NoHax / NoHax#3669

:green_circle: Mods

Detailed rank information

These members are the lowest-level members of the staff on the server, but the permissions they have are the essentials for moderation. They can do the following:


  • Muting players. Mods are able to mute any user they feel is abusing their privileges in chat or private messages.
  • Kicking players. If an operator does not listen to them or to the warnings of other staff members, they may choose to kick them from the server.
  • Temporary banning and unbanning. Banning in-game allows any duration to be set, although most punishments warrant temporary, twenty-four-hour bans. If a member is in violation of appropriate rules, a temporary ban can be issued.
  • Plot moderation. Mods have the ability to delete an offensive plot, set or delete plot members and manually modify plots in any way.
  • Region protection. These staff members are able to protect regions at an operator’s request or protect builds of their own. They can set the region flags, the region’s members, or owners. They can delete or modify existing regions.
  • Block logging. Rolling back members after issuing a temporary ban, restoring a rollback or inspecting blocks. Mods are free to use the entire CoreProtect suite.
  • Unrestricted WorldEdit limit. Mods are able to edit as many blocks as they would like as staff members and bypass the 5,000 block edit limit.
  • Staffworld edit access. All staff members are able to freely build in the staffworld. Only members with staff status on the server can build here.
  • Miscellaneous permissions. Some other permissions are miscellaneous, such as being able to override when a user disables their teleportation or deleting warps.


  • Application voting. Mods are able to vote on applications using the recommended guidelines.
  • Staff sections. These members can access staff-only areas of the forum and can see action reports.
  • Moderation abilities. These users have abilities to lock and edit posts in non-staffmember sections.


  • Staff sections. These members can access staff-only channels of the guild.

Mods have no moderation ability on the guild. They are able to report issues to moderation staff like normal members.

ayunami2000 / @ayunami2000 / ayunami2000#5250
chicagopolice / @Zephinx / Zephinx#1302
Gloomer / @Gloomer / Enigmaxxx#9627
Kieraaan / @Kieraaan / Kicran#3819
RavenousSavage / @RavenousSavage / Daniels#3127
VtCx / @Aaron_Sniper / Aaron_#6616

:sparkles: Other roles

You may also see some other roles on our forum or Discord server that aren't staff member ranks. These are called "titles" and are separate from server staff.

:large_blue_circle: Architects

Architects are exemplary builders and are awared this position for their technique and skill in building.

alexisl_ / @alexisl / alexis27#5424
Ariell_ / @Ariel / Arielll#3272
Bang_Ding_Ow / @Bang_Ding_Ow / noodlehats#0751
dado029 / no forum handle / dado029#8077
Gloomer / @Gloomer / Enigmaxxx#9627
JakeTheGamerChP / @EsoBoomer / JakeTheGamerCHP#2057
SirClangus / @SirClangus / Clangus#0941
TheOneShotSniper / @Aaron_Sniper / Aaron_#2087
Thimote75 / @Thimote75 / Thimote75#6871

:yellow_circle: Translators

Translators assist in translating and proof reading server policies and other important documents.

BibleRule / @Biblerule / BibleRule#0001
cpg / @cpg / ninjaman#8644
iTzLeafPvP / @RavenousSavage / Daniels#3127
TheHour / @TheHour / Jamie#5173