Staff application

Why would you like to be a moderator?
It is important for moderators to be dedicated and focused so that they can control the server users on a regular basis. I have managed several servers effectively and have been praised by other server admins for my dedicative and attentive work. I put my focus on my responsibilities always.

What’s the first thing you’d do as a moderator?
Give us some insight into what you’ll change for this community. What’s your standard, and what are your goals? (Short paragraph.
*I will assess all of the recent history of chats and check for anything that violates the user policy. I will also reach out to other moderators on any recent issues that need to be addressed.
How long have you been playing on the server?
Since the dawn of man. (Just answer with when you joined the server. We don’t need specific dates.)
*I haven’t joined but I watch tons of people administrate on this server. Could one of you please provide me with an alternate account?
What is your username and unique identifier?
A unique identifier (UUID) is a string of characters which identifies your account and doesn’t ever change. You can get this information from a website like NameMC and just paste it here.

I do not have an UUID as I am a cracked user.

Do you have any social media?
This is where you should provide your DiscordTag (if you have one, but as a moderator you will eventually need one) and other social media that’s relevant to your online presence. I have a Facebook account at John Hans.

I did not mean to post this, I was planning it out. May I delete? Please?


Before I even start with what’s wrong with this, I would just like to point out that this is the least coherent and most ridiculous thing I have ever read in my entire life. I don’t even know what you’re trying to say. You say that you have joined the server, but you have a cracked account. What? The server isn’t cracked. And even if you were accepted into a staff position, you wouldn’t be allowed to make the server cracked. Also, this quote deserves to be added to the books: “As I said, I am impartial. I never discriminate between wealth and poverty.” Now first of all, that holds absolutely zero relevance to this application; and second of all, the ownership of a 26 dollar video game does not determine if you are wealthy or poor.


Can you delete this shrimp? I did not mean to post it, I was planning it.

Given my rank it’s considered improper for me to provide any partial comment on the status of your application which would serve as any approval or disapproval concerning how others should vote either in favor or against accepting you into the administrator team. That being said, it’s necessary for me to clarify several outstanding issues which concern me after reading the contents of your application.

a. Since this server is not cracked and since the pre-application checklist implies that you must’ve spent physical time on the server alongside the question which establishes a baseline for “how long” you’ve played (implying that you must’ve in fact played) on the server you’re not eligible to apply without owning an account as this would obstruct you from administrating on the server in its current state. Applications exist to quantify your eligibility for this position with the server in its current functional state and cannot be predicated on the suggestion of changes.

b. Applications can’t double as requests for others to provide you with an account or to lend you money so that you may purchase an account. At that point, no longer may this be considered as an application but rather a request for somebody to fund the pursuit of applying for the position.

c. Objecting to this application because of your inability to purchase or support the pursuit of owning an in-game account is not “discrimination” but the practical interpretation of how you’d be unable to administrate on this server based on your current financial state. If you are not in the financial position to purchase a game for a mere twenty dollars, it’s unlikely that you’d have the free time to spend on this server or that you have the financial security to continually sustain electricity and a network connection which are both underlying webs of contact by which you maintain your online presence.

In conclusion, I personally recommend that you retract this application and do not apply until you are financially capable of purchasing an account or by some means you gain legal access to a valid account.

I can reasonably assure you that this server in no near point of time will become “cracked” so the status of this post serving as a “plan” with which you’ll apply in the future makes no sense.


I can delete your post or make it “invisible” to non-administrators however it is my personal opinion that you should consider the above post, as you’ve said that this exists to “plan” some future application. Simply reply with your wishes and I will perform that action, but understand that the deletion of this application will have bearing on future applications (at least in the eyes of those who have read this post) until my concerns are addressed.


I read your application multiple times, and honestly, I think you should look at the application checklist once again. The THREE main rules are again, on top of the checklist, and you have not successfully fulfilled two of three of them.
“1. You have a premium Minecraft account and you can provide the unique user identifier (UUID).”
“3. You have joined our Discord server.”

You can not administrate properly without having proper communication with us staff members, and the operators as well. You can easily sign up and download it onto your computer, which is done with no money and it’s a lot easier for us to keep in contact with you as well. You are unable to also administrate if you are unable to join the server and actually do the job. Also, keeping this server premium is what keeps it safe. You will also be unable to make it cracked, because as a Moderator, you do not have permission to do so. No one can properly vote on your application as well, considering we have not seen you do anything to help (other than on the forum, we appreciate your commentary). We always vote based on your relations with everyone, and the responsibilities you take on the server, and there’s a lot more I can add to that list. I recommend focusing on your financial state (as Mosley said above) more than working on the server. We are also unable to provide you an account, as we don’t hand out accounts to those who ask.

It was a good thought, and we appreciate your work on the forum, but we need those who can be active on the server without interfering with their own life.


This UUID on NameMC returns this profile:

This is similar to the username you have on the forum, do you own this account? If not then why did you provide this UUID?

I thought UUID is associated with a specific account.

It is, but how did you provide one if you don’t own an account?

It likely looks like someone has the same name as I do.

So you do not own a premium Minecraft account and in addition to not own the UUID listed in your application?

Yes. I will delete that part right now. I hope to legally find a Minecraft account as this seems like an excellent opportunity.

@x_Quicklyy, your application has been denied.

You do not meet the most basic requirements of being a staff member, and we cannot continue to process your application if you are unable to connect to the server you wish to be staff on. In addition, your provided a UUID that you do not own, which is lying on your staff application.

If you are able to purchase a premium account you are welcome to re-apply on 2020-04-29T04:00:00Z.