Speedublue's Staff Application

Why would you like to be a moderator?
I’d like to help the UnraveledMC community.

What’s the first thing you’d do as a moderator?
Look for people that are breaking the rules after that help people for a hour or two and the get off.

How long have you been playing on the server?

What is your username and unique identifier?

Do you have any social media?
Yes, speedyblue#6029 is my Discord


I would love to see you become an active, contributing member of the server before seeking a staff position. Put in some time getting to know the staff, rules, and players.

Okay 5 Characters


I would like to see more details. You seem like a great person and all, but you didn’t give me enough details to prove if you should be apart of this wonderful staff team. Good luck though.


You should put more detail into your application so we can get to know you better. You should also work on your activity.


I know I’m new here too but you signed up the day you joined and are applying for staff. Get to know some of the staff and help around the server. Maybe help mods and show you are capable of the position.


I would like to see more information in the application. You stated basic things and lack detail. I have also not seen you online for quite a while.

i haven’t seen you online and i think your application could be more detailed

@speedublue, your application has been denied.

You do not meet our application requirements. The application requires you to meet some of the following:

  1. You’ve been active on the server for more than ten days and have demonstrably helped other people out on the server.
  2. You’ve been in possession of a forum account for more than five days and have posted in another conversation that isn’t this post.

In your application you’ve stated you joined the server today, so by your own admission, there is no possible way you have met this requirement. Your forum account was brand new at the time of posting, and you still did not make an introductory post.

Please read the requirements before applying next time. You may re-apply on 2020-05-10T04:00:00Z.