some random shit

Seriously, how bad can it get?

I mean, I was right after all.

I’m gonna die now.


But vercious, right?

A better word would be “no.”

Nah a better word would be “foiled.”
Because after all, it is what your 'lil plan is at the moment.

I have no idea what compelled you to say that, but I’m pretty sure my “plan” isn’t “foiled”

Now you can’t roast me on the forums as you said huh

tsk tsk tsk

I literally told you I would think about that. I’m not that mean, even though I don’t particularly like you.

ahahahahahahahaha… well either way if you wanted to do it you can’t rn.

I don’t recall saying “Oh nO! You made the forum now I can’t roASt you.” You’re honestly the most retarded person I’ve ever met and that’s saying something.

Kek. But still. It’s going to be hard to roast me after I’ve already revealed it lol

Not even going to say anything rn

Good :grin:

My god this forum post really is stupid

Maybe that’s the point : )

Maybe that is the point, wouldn’t be surprised.

very stupid

Anyway, we’re wasting forum storage for something like this lol