Silent ban command

As a former staff member here, I know the pain of having your presence broadcast to the whole server while in vanish. The whole purpose of being in vanish is to make sure others don’t know that you are on. Normally when you /dban someone, it says that you have banned them in chat. Boom, your whole presence is broadcast to the whole server, and all of the rulebreakers are watching keenly to make sure they don’t grief because you could be looking at them. As soon as you leave, as well as the other admins, the whole server goes into chaos. For abusive mods, people could appeal and the higher-ups could check the logs to confirm it was(n’t) abuse.
I think this would speed up the grand task of server administration.
-x_Quicklyy(Former UnraveledMC moderator)

Not really sure I agree with the whole hidden admin thing in general… Had this discussion recently on TF… Personally would say it’s pretty effective for the players to know there are staff online and that they may be watching.

I think you miss the point of /v. I go in vanish so i can do things without being seen not to hide the fact that i am online as in /gmsp you can’t alter blocks. Having visible bans lets other player know that the server is under moderation and that any misbehavior will be punished. I see no reason to add a silent ban.

Okay then. Thank you, I wish to keep this going to see where it goes.