Server Information

Howdy, Thought I’d suggest this given I just came across the site and couldn’t find it.

It appears this site is the first result when you google search “UnraveledMC” which is great, it brings you to here. However, there is nowhere obvious as a non-logged in (or logged in member) that documents or explains how to connect to the server, or what the IP Address / anything like that is.

I’m sure it’ll be something obvious but it’s just not obvious, maybe document it in docs or news or somewhere obvious that anyone can see? Might help get more people playing…?


Hey Ryan, welcome to the forum.

We were actually talking about adding a homepage to the forum a couple days ago where the address could be. I’ll look into putting it in the navbar or something.

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Smashing sounds good.

Just for reference, I guess. I added a link to the navbar and in the site description.