Server application procedure

I would like to take a minute to post an official thread about the procedure expected on staff applications.

Applications are:

  • a place for a potential staff member to show their moderation ability
  • a chance for staff members to make their thoughts public about a candidate
  • a place for staff members to ask an applicant question

Applications are not:

  • a personal vendetta against a particular applicant
  • an open thread for all the server to express their two cents

These applications are helpful for my fellow Executives and other staff members to get an idea of how a person is able to present themselves on paper, in addition to the behavior that we see on official server platforms.

Procedure on all applications is for staff members to state their opinion in the form of a vote with an explanation if necessary. Applicants can be asked questions or be asked to comment on specific matters. Other members (non-staff members) are not to comment on these applications unless they have information a particular applicant that has not been made aware to the staff.

Any additional comments on an application or the applicant themselves are not needed nor wanted on an application. The administration will come to a conclusion on their own. Staff members are also reminded that the behavior we expect from our applicants should be the same behavior being demonstrated on applications.


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