Ruin another person's wish(Revived)

Eh, the last time I did this the topic blew up, so let’s do another hehe

For any of you who don’t know how to play, this is an example:
Someone: I want staff on TotalFreedom!
Someone else: Granted, but the team is very toxic to you. I wish to have a million.
So you have to grant their wish, but in a way that they wouldn’t want. :wink:

I’ll start:
I want to get over with this medical terminology shit already :confounded:

Granted, but it all goes wrong.

I wish for a gaming pc

Granted, but it overheats immediately.
I wish for Kanye to drop a new album.

Granted, but Kanye literally drops his album on the floor and is very upset now.

I wish my life was a little more smooth instead of ups and downs.

Granted, but it’s all downs (but smooth!).

I wish we named this post the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Granted, but now everyone on the server is making posts named ‘this post’ so that they can rename it to “make a wish foundation.” Good job, you’ve ruined the server lol.

I wish I could type like flash could run so I could code stuff in less than a second as opposed to several days.

Granted, but you die within 2 minutes because of starvation. I wish I became mod.

Granted, but you are then suspended

I wish for £500

Granted, but the £500 is in 1p coins and fall down on your head rendering you dead. I wish for a stable relationship with my crush.

Granted, but she then “accidentally” breaks your leg and get with your best mate.

I wish for my old monitor to have a good refresh rate

Granted, but the monitor is broken. I wish for a good wish that can not be ruined.

That’s a hard one but here I go.
Granted, but it is broken in shipping (I don’t know, so don’t ask)

I wish to be able to choose what time it is.

granted, but you can stuck in a time loop. i want a friend

Granted, but the friend is very toxic to you and eventually stops being your friend.

I wish I could pick up my dog without him growling at me.

Granted, but he bites your ear off

I wish to not be tired all the time

Granted, enjoy not having tires.

I wish to ruin the next person’s wish.

Granted, but a person named TheNextPerson joins our forums. Congratulations, you’ve pissed off the newest member and made him leave.

I wish coding was just basic English instead of these stupid symbols and stuff.

Granted, but then you forget how English works immediately.

I wish for monky.

Wish Granted, the monkey trashes your house and somehow learns your computer password and makes your life miserable. There’s a reason we are the descent of them.

I wish my neighbor would stop using my fucking WiFi so I didn’t have to waste system resources shutting his device off with code.

Granted, but your internet breaks and no one can use it for a while

I wish for more Apple chargers :confused: