Ruin another person's wish(again)

Sorry, but this game is addicting.

For those who don’t know how it works, you must ruin the person’s wish above you while making your own wish.

Ex. I want to have a good life

Granted, but you die tomorrow and have a miserable life next birth.
I want a puppy.

I’ll start.
I want my date Madi(short for her actual name but I call her that as a little joke) to be happy forever alongside me, and for us to excell in the class we both share in the same exact classroom. And yes, she likes me back, I asked her out.

Granted, but ungranted.

I wish for granted.

Granted, but your wish gets ungranted again.

I wish to not get ungranted and for my previous wish to come true.

Granted, no

I wish my parents actually let me spend my own money

Awh so does that mean Madi will be sad along with me? :frowning:
I must seek kute revenge…

Granted, but you go over your budget.

I wish for kute Luky and I to be heppy fowever :slight_smile:

Granted, but no just no.
Why? Ask the genie!

I wish for _____

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Granted, you get -----------.

I wish for an infinite battery for my computer.

Granted, but ungranted.

I wish for ungranted.

Ungranted, but Granted.

I wish for UMCRacing to be done already and for it to be a racing event

Granted but then it stops in 1 second and you die from heart attack.

I wish that if I could wish for anything I would wish for others to be able to wish for me to wish for them.

Granted. Genie is dead again, we’re running out of braincell donors.

I wish for Zephix’s monky.

Granted but it kills you
I wish for my mum to let me buy an i9 9900k and a model o

Granted, but where’d your computer go? :thinking:

I wish that the one fucking vulnerability that I found while penetration-testing my router today with Python will go the fuck away because I want to have a perfect router without any vulnerabilities(literally none of the scripts I code and inject into my router in attempt to take care of that one vulnerability are working oml).