Ruin another person’s wish

Yeah, bringing games from other servers to here :stuck_out_tongue:. you have to grant their wish but ruin it.
Me: I want a dog!
You: Granted, but he is dead. I want money.
So on so forth.
Let’s begin:
I want to be promoted to Telnet Admin on the server I am staff on.

Wish granted, but the server shuts down a week later.

I wish for my animals to live a great life.

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Wish granted, but your animal is Adolf Hitler.

I wish for custom black buttons for my GameCube controller.

Granted, but they have razors on them.

I wish for a new car.

Granted, but someone smashes the car a week later and Carl Johnson from GTA mistakes your car for a ballas car and explodes it with his pistol.

I wish for SMG4 to upload a new video with inkling Meggy in it

Wish granted! But you didn’t pay your internet bill, so you can’t watch it.

I wish to live in a new state.

Granted, but it’s Oklahoma.

I wish for pancakes.

Granted! The pancakes have potassium cyanide dose in them so low they don’t kill you but you suffer though.

I wish for my crush to love me.

granted, but they choose your friend instead

i wish for kitty

Granted, but your kitty scratches your arm every second you don’t feed them.

I wish for my ears to heal from operation

Granted, but one of your legs fall off.

I wish to end world hunger.

Granted, but by doing that, you make yourself hungry. A singular person isn’t the world :wink:

I wish for Meggy to turn into an inkling again in SMG4, she doesn’t look that good as a human.

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granted but she looks even worse as an inkling this time

i wish for a cheeseburger in these trying times

Granted, but Roger also wants that cheeseburger and is coming to kill you now.

I wish to be on the PGR Top 50 in Smash Bros.

granted, but you lose every match after

i wish for another cheeseburger

Granted, but Roger holds you at gunpoint and steals your cheeseburger.

I wish for this server to become more populated than Mineplex.

Ah this is dying out so I guess I will just ruin my own wish.
Granted, but Mineplex is angry and takes down the server.

I wish I didn’t have to run every time I sang.(Twenty one pilots-Stressed Out)

Granted, but you are now paralyzed from the neck down.

I wish for this whole corona virus thing to go away.


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Granted, but a new pandemic that gives you a heart and lung condition arises.

I wish the executives on my administrative server would be a little more lenient and not suspend me every time I forget to undo another person’s grief.