Rstones1016, YazanQasem97, indogamer262, YoungTimesPawZ

What is your username?
What is the username / applicable Discord handle of the affected user(s)?
Rstones1016, YazanQasem97, indogamer262, YoungTimesPawZ
Was this action influenced by a suggestion or advice? If so, who suggested it?
Give a brief explanation of why this is the appropriate punishment and any background information. Justify a reason for the punishment.
Lagging the server to just above 1 tps
Provide any evidence or logs. Justify the punishment with applicable evidence.

They both have two accounts on the server; indogamer262 and YoungTimesPawZ.

They have been permbanned. Thanks!

Was it only Rstones1016 and YazanQasem97 that have been permbanned or have indogamer262 and YoungTimesPawZ been permbanned as well?

History check reveals that indo and young are also banned permanently

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