Roast the person above you

Hey, at least I did not resign because I couldn’t handle the heat of moderating :DD

No, you didn’t resign - you got suspended because you couldn’t “handle the heat” of critical thinking.

Hey I can post blank stuff too yyayyyyyyyy

the closest action you ever got underneath the sheets is staying up past bedtime studying the chemistry books


At least I’m fucking a sexy bitch, the only anal you will be doing is with your uncle. And your uncle will be the one penetrating.

Like Peeta said in the Hunger Games - Self Righteous…
As for the second thing,

insert roast here

^ This dude couldn’t even say his roast lol.

Zephix, you’re a god.
Sorry, I can’t do it. He’s too much of a god.
You’re a… potato

Yeah, I dunno.

Your coding skills are the same as my being cool skills. Terrible.

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I don’t know whether to be sad because I’m not good at coding, or happy that you overestimated my skills. My skills suck. Oh well, this is a roast thread, none of this is true :sweat_smile:
You can’t even stop roasting yourself in a roast thread smh

OH MY GOD. Codez 10 here Codex 10 there. he is literally alive to talk on this forum. im just saying it for the roast. not hard feelings

Cmon man, be original. Don’t steal Serrif’s name smh
(For the roast, we still cool)

side note. I need to change my name back to Electfalcon23 here. I sometimes confuse myself.

Anyway see what I mean. this guy responded in a minute. his whole life is this forum.

just for the roast

bruh I respond fast because I have notifications on
Says the one who’s name literally means when Falcon from Marvel meets Black Widow(ErectFalcon23)
just for the roast

that’s true and Once again for the roast dude.

Im sorry… BUAHH. I keep vomiting thinking of that crappy name you have. “Codex10”!!! Bruh did you choose codex because you are 10? or is it because that’s your iq.

just for the roast

hey no one gets to insult Kieran only I get to smh(I’m kidding)

Your pfp looks like fire getting horny at water. I wonder what comes next. Sex? Getting off? Quite literally?

For the roast

lmao we still cool right? just roasts.

My pfp??? your pfp looks like a cat had a one night stand with a horny anime character then gave birth. Is it supposed to represent ugly anime creatures or is that a real character.

just for the roast