Roast the person above you

A random forum game, you know how this goes. We all need a place to roast people as good old fashion fun, y’know.

I guess I’ll just roast Kabr(his nickname because I don’t want to give out names).

You’re so stupid that you made that asshole that stole my code look like Albert Einstein.

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Do I really need to come up with something witty for this guy? ^

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Good going, TheOneShotShitgun.

Nice one, Codex 1 4m 1ra5h 4t m1n3cr4f1

(Don’t take this one personally, it’s just a roast)
No wonder the mod team looks like shit.
(I’m kidding, the whole staff team’s amazing, and so are you)

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“Codex10?” Really? That sounds like a name created by a mouth-breather with a brain smaller than your single testicle.


Ok boomer

OK half-braindead waste of 10,000 years of constant human genetic evolution who thinks they are being cool and relevant by using a dead meme while in reality they are a bumbling shell of a functioning member of society who lives in their mother’s closet and can’t tie their shoes right without selling all of their meager savings to a Nigerian Prince.

You’re more stupid than love.

Kieran’s gonna get you for that…

I would really love to burn you but I have always been told not to burn trash, instead, I shall give you some wisdom words which should make you better. Just shut the fuck up

Says the one that isn’t original enough to come up with his own name and steal Zephix’s : ( don’t fuck with my bro Zephix <3 @Zephinx some dingleberry is trying to steal your name…

You’re f_x with less confidence

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Your profile pic is a regular panther after he accidentally put on makeup and lipstick all over his face and then overdosed on crack.

Your profile picture is a fictional character who goes around asking people for their desires and is vulnerable around a female.

I can’t decide between a communist joke or a British joke


(Don’t take this seriously your name is lit)
I can’t decide between a joke about sheriffs or fields that have lakes built over them. Yes, I know, I suck at coming up with something, but it’s because Lakefield AKA Serrif is a god :smirk_cat:

You can’t even stop sucking up to people in the roast thread


In the Executive policy, it says that no executive is over another, but you and I both know that Serrif is much more of a god than you are and will ever be. It isn’t called “sucking up”, it’s called spittin facts.

Mfw you read every policy about 100 times but still got suspended faster than any other staff member :skull: