Reinstatement for old UnraveledMC staff members

Former UnraveledMC staff members are entitled to reinstate for their status before the server’s shutdown in 2018. If you were a former staff member on the UnraveledMC server before its shutdown, you might be eligible for reinstatement here.

You must meet these requirements in order to be eligible to reinstate:

  1. You were an active staff member at the time of shutdown. You weren’t inactive or suspended at the time, you must have been an active staff member.
  2. You must be a relatively active member of the server. For returning staff members, normal requirements do not apply, but ideally, you should still maintain an active presence on the server.
  3. You must have a clean record on the current server. You shouldn’t have a punishment history on the new server if you expect to reinstate. We aren’t going to hold old suspensions and things from the old server against you, but our current records should be clean.

If you meet the requirements for reinstatement, you also acknowledge the following:

  1. You might not be approved. Reinstatement isn’t a guaranteed outcome, and staff members are still able to vote on your return. Being re-added to status isn’t a guarantee.
  2. You might not receive the same rank. The ranking system in place now is not the same as the previous one, and former staff might not receive the exact same position they once held. Executives will not be able to reinstate to Executive.