Please keep this ideas sharp in your head while applying

Hello, it’s me again.
I just wanted to state a few tips when it comes to applications as many of the members unfortunately don’t adhere to the rules.

  1. (Staff only)If you don’t have anything to say, don’t comment. Saying “+0” is power-posting and will likely get you suspended and/or forum banned. The least you can do is add a reason.
  2. (OPs)Don’t comment on applications including your own
  3. (OPs aspiring to be staff)Don’t jump the gun and apply as soon as you join. Build up a positive reputation and then once you are friends with some of the staff, feel free to apply.
    4.(OPs aspiring to be staff)Please and I beg you, PLEASE do not apply when you have a bad reputation for rulebreaking/getting permbanned. You will only dig yourself a deeper hole. Get a good reputation or play the waiting game and once everything is calm, the possibility of being accepted into the staff team arises.
  4. (OPs aspiring to be staff)Have a form of social media and a premium Minecraft account.
  5. (OPs aspiring to be staff)Be online a bit and then apply, it truly breaks my heart when I see genuinely good applicants turned down due to poor activity.
    Happy applying,

This is a very good resource, so I’ve moved it to Applications and will make it a sticky topic.