Not being able to enter server

I can’t enter it says “authentication servers are down” I don’t know if its because I changed my name, but I need help. image

My original name was BAYAMONPRICAN

Have you tried using an alt and restarting your client?

Ill try

Yeah, it’s worth a shot before jumping to conclusions. Check your connection to the Mojang servers/API, that could be another reason.

it still says that

Are you using a cracked account? That could also be an issue. Try connecting to Hypixel or something. Let me know if it shows the same error.

It says the same thing

Try signing out and signing back in, the name change could have not been updated on your client.

I think its going to work because when I signed out it said my original name

Alright, please keep me updated on this issue if this doesn’t work.

It worked ! Thank you for helping me

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