My apology

Hello server, I hope you all are staying inside and playing Minecraft, hiding from the nasty Coronavirus! :slight_smile:
I realized that I owe you all a huge apology for posting excessively in threads that were staff-only. I realized that this is wrong. I will never do this again. I realized that I ruined a lot of the server from this mistake. Many OPs will now start commenting on staff-only threads due to my stupid mistake. I just wanted to help out and prove myself useful, for once. As you all know, I am on vacation, so I cannot play Minecraft at the time. With that being said, I want to take this thread to explain that commenting on staff-only threads is redundant as we have caring staff to take care of almost anything.
I apologize sincerely,

people say covid 19 is fake and only a ploy to make people stay inside because of 1998 OR2

Don’t worry, this place is very remote so that means that Covid won’t have that big of a chance of coming here.

but thats not what i said at all