Most posts read?!?!?!?! (2.8K Posts)

i think i have the most posts read on the whole website lmao

But Luky, I’m the top user on the whole website all time.

:(( e


I have a lot of read time on the forums because all I do is read stuff from a long time ago and look at the most recent topics lmao

But again, bow down to your king everyone. I am the top user.

I have a lot of read time too.

You are literally the most annoying person on the forums so I wouldn’t be surprised.

I thought that position was taken by you know who? The one who’s the most disrespected Jigga here?

I probably have the most ban application requests denied then anyone else

Hey, one question. Don’t worry, it’ll be quick and snappy.
What the fuck is a ban application?

Sorry shity iPhone auto corrected it

Ban Appeal


Who is Most Posts Read?