Month of May: Updates and what's upcoming

I’d like to take some time to announce some upcoming changes and updates to the server’s platforms for May.

:mega: Change Information

This announcement is a general compilation of things that we've been working toward for the past couple of weeks. Some of these features have already been released incrementally, and some are still in the works.

:bell: What’s changing?

  1. :moneybag: Donations and donor perks. The @Executives wanted to get some more perks into your hands and work to continue improving the server that everyone enjoys. Pretty soon, any contribution of five dollars and over will give you a prefix on the server and role in-game to let everyone know you’re a donor.
  2. :hammer_and_wrench: Plugin updates. Converse has, and is being updated, to patch new exploits, including crash chunks. These new commits to Converse should be making the server more stable and secure.
  3. :hammer_and_pick: News for architects. An architect selection process with an application is now in the works, and should make it easier so that the server’s finest can receive the rank.
  4. :mailbox: Even more ways to get support. The Inverse Discord bot has been deployed to the server’s Discord server so everyone can contact our staff members easily. The #support channel has also been re-introduced in case you need more help. You can also ask for help in the Support category.
  5. :left_speech_bubble: Server social media. The server now has an Instagram and Twitter (coming soon) so that way you can make sure you’re always informed. Make sure to give them a follow.
  6. :newspaper: Introduction of the forum news category. New update logs, like this one, are going to be posted in the new forum news category. We’ll only use this for important information.
  7. :u5272: Multilingual server rules. Our translators have translated this server’s rules into Spanish, French and Czech.

:open_file_folder: Transparency and open-source commitment

As a server, we’re working to keep our commitment to make all of the plugins and services we develop open-source and as transparent as possible. The only reason you won’t know something is because we’re keeping our users in mind and want to keep them safe. As a result, all of our code is open-source on GitHub. But also, our applications, ban logging and punishment appeal system will always be public so no one is in the dark.

:handshake: Acknowledgements

Thank you to everyone who has managed to get the server up and running over the course of these couple months. I'd like to single out...

The development team behind this project. @Paldiu, @Itzdlg and @aggelosQQ do a great job in making sure our features are up-to-date, and so our players always have an exciting experience.

The management staff, @Mosley, @Panther and @GraceC3013 do an incredible job at managing this server’s staff and focusing our resources on the priorities of what needs to get done.

Our forum moderators and staff members for keeping our community’s integrity. I don’t want to play favorites, but you all are appreciated.

The wonderful translators, @TheHour, @cpg just to name a few. They’ve brought the server rules to new languages to make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them in-game.

Most notably people like you, our active players who help make the server what it is every day.