Month of June:Updates and what's upcoming

I’d like to take some time to announce some upcoming changes and updates to the server’s platforms for June.

:mega: Change Information

This announcement is a general compilation of things that we’ve been working toward for the past couple of weeks. Some of these features have already been released incrementally, and some are still in the works.

:bell: What’s changing?

  1. :crossed_swords:Survival server. UMC has made the push into becoming a multi-network survival server. We are committed to bringing new experiences for you our players and survival was one way to do that!
  2. :hammer_and_wrench: Plugin updates. Converse has, and is being updated, to work in harmony with bungee our development team is working overtime to get our plugins up to player expectations.
  3. :hammer_and_pick: News for architects. Architect applications are live! Applications are open to players after weeks of waiting!
  4. :u5272: Multilingual server rules. Our translators have translated this server’s rules into Spanish, French and Czech. Translator applications are also now live! Want to apply? Go ahead! We are always open to bringing on new people that want to translate UMC :slight_smile:

:handshake: Acknowledgements

Thank you to everyone who has managed to get the server up and running over the course of these couple months. I’d like to single out…

@Paldiu, has been committed to pushing out development updates for the server to better server you, the community. Please give a big round of applause as he has worked tirelessly to push these bug fixes out in a timely manner.

The management staff, @Mosley, @Panther and @GraceC3013 do an incredible job at managing this server’s staff and focusing our resources on the priorities of what needs to get done.

And congratulations to @palidu and @bobscog for their promotion to executive! They have worked hard and their promotions mean new improvements to UMC. Big shout out to them!

Finally, @serrif, unfortunately @serrif is currently on hiatus but I’d still like to give a shout out. He played a big part in getting the survival server to you quickly. He pioneered the server into a new direction and he will be greatly missed.

Our forum moderators and staff members for keeping our community’s integrity. I don’t want to play favorites, but you all are appreciated.

Most notably people like you, our active players who help make the server what it is every day.