SaberCake Moderator. I would like to be a moderator because I think I have true skill and potential. I enjoy this server and I think I can help the server by becoming Moderator because I come online every day for a few hours. I will watch over the server and make sure people are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Also, I want to be a moderator because I love this server because of everything. It has world edit and world edit was one wish that I wanted and it came true from this server. I love to play this server and it is very enjoyable. If I could become a moderator I would love it. Thank you for reading this. From SaberCake.


Many things wrong with this. Your /playtime is just under 2 hours, not in the correct format, you are immature in game, asking do I get mod now it’s done. You said “this is too confusing just give me mod”. If I were you, I would delete this and use the correct format, read the application terms, and try again.

screw u and go ahead and banned cause ima just grief and ur server sucks
so good bye and get a life with ur mod cause ur not even doing ur job and u didnt even help me. so u shouldnt be talking when u cant even me mod

I don’t really I understand what you are saying, it doesn’t make sense. Also, I did try to help, like I said above, so don’t message me telling me to commit and call me a “fucking idiot” when all I have done is try to help. I can also show you how I have tried to help, and griefing doesn’t do anything, we can roll it back :slight_smile:

i did more than griefing.

and how r u guys going to roll it back

This application isn’t even in the right section and isn’t using the template. Please follow the instructions at

You can re-file immediately.