Moderator Application - nayeem1357 (Quicklyy)

Hey guys, I hope all of you are doing good doing this Coronavirus pandemic! Here’s a little backstory to this application.

I got denied before due to not having a Minecraft/Discord account. I now have a Discord which is on the UnraveledMC guild. I also have a Minecraft account which is in-game. I have been annoying in-game three times, which I apologize for doing. I know it was wrong, and that I have caused many of your hearts to beat out of your chest in anger. I have learned my lesson not to mini-mod(thanks to Kieran and Shrimp), not to talk about my application (thanks to SchoolTests, esoBob, esoTalk, and Kieran), and to not say the same thing over and over again (thanks to Grace).

I have not mini-modded ever since, talked about my application, nor have I spouted the same redundant and ridiculous phrase ever again.

I don’t have that good of a keyboard, and sometimes I say ‘frief’ instead of ‘grief.’ I have also taken many precautions to make sure that this account does not get hacked ever again. I saved my rather-gibberish password on Google. I just typed random stuff and asked Google to save the password, which it did. I have also made a thread with some tips on how to apply, and hopefully, those tips will assist me in this application. Before I start this application, I would like to thank everyone that helped me get to this position of applying.

Let’s do this!

Why would you like to be a moderator?
I would love the opportunity to be a moderator, as I would find rulebreakers and punish them mid-crime. I will check the chat and find anything suspicious. If by chance I do find something suspicious, I will take care of it in the most professional and justified manner. I join every day for at least thirty minutes, and I will continue this throughout my moderation career.

Do you have any applicable experience in a leadership role?
I have been Senior Moderator on a different server that experiences about 10 players a day, 20 players if we are lucky. I have learned how on-your-feet moderators have to be because if you lay your head down, the wheel of rule-breakers will run over the server. The next server is not a free-op, but a combination of multiple servers. I have banned many players there as a moderator. I am also a moderator on a server that NoHax, Pumpkin_Pro, and Kieran host together. However, I have not banned any players since. I have learned that many servers have different wishes, and I have understood a lot about how servers operate at that time.

How long have you been playing on the server?
I joined about one month ago. I have about one day and seven hours of playtime.

What is your username and unique identifier?
My username is nayeem1357, and my UUID is 3be2fc72-d278-458b-9564-30ef4e1faafb.

Do you have any social media?
I have a Google Hangouts, which is I don’t get a lot of spam there. I also have a discord, which is x_Quicklyy#2559.

The template has since been updated from the one you provided. I don’t know if you saved it to your computer to edit, but the questions have been modified.


You are a nice person and an active player, but in all honesty I think you would be wasting your time here. You don’t seem to fit into this community too well, and I just don’t see us working well together.


This was a tough vote for me. Although I think you have some good administrative qualities, I am deciding to vote with a -1 as I agree with Shrimp’s judgement.

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+1; while you have some shortcomings, I think you are active and welcoming of players.

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I believe you have the knowledge and activity to be successful as a moderator.

Best of luck!

I’m going to go ahead and give you a +1. You seem like you can be a good moderator and grow into the position

Your application is great and I think you will do well as a staff member. Your active, helpful and I vouch!

You’d make a good fit into this team. We talked privately about your desires to improve the server and I can tell for sure how serious you want this position. You have my vote on this one. Good luck.

@x_Quicklyy, your application has been approved! I’m very impressed with the efforts you’ve gone to in order to make suggestions and generally improve the server. I’m sure you’ll be an excellent moderator.