Mod Reinstatement - x_Quicklyy

What is your in-game username?

What is your unique identifier?

What is your Discord username?

What was your rank prior to when you left the server?

Were you removed for a suspension?

What were the circumstances for your removal?
I was suspended for over-riding another staff member(bobscog)‘s mute for a player. This was an accident, which I am sorry for. Here’s what happened in detail from the second I stepped foot in the server on May 15th, 2020. I /seened someone who joined the server, as I thought they were a player who was ban bypassing. I banned him as his IP was exactly the same as the banned player. Of course, I made the mistake that the person was banned for five minutes only. I should’ve paid more attention to how long Bobscog had banned them for, as well as how both of them were on at the time and having a conversation. Bobscog had then muted someone, in which I assumed all mutes were by default five minutes. I told them that they would be muted for five minutes, so that they knew what their offense was and how long they were going to be muted for. This was a very stupid mistake, as Bobscog could’ve kept the user muted for longer and could’ve told them if he wanted to. I don’t know what happened that day, I was just really stupid that day and more of a liability than an asset. I’m sorry to any damage that I have caused by my stupidity, as well as to the users that I made quit from my falsified bans. In addition, NoHax had banned someone for griefing, but I unbanned them and rebanned them to add the reason ‘nuker.’ That was also very stupid of me, as there was already a reason that was ‘nuker.’ I am sorry for that, NoHax, I promise to not let anything like that happen again.
In addition to THAT, I also spam-messaged many administrators trying to get my suspension overturned. This wasn’t a good idea, as I would’ve just dug myself a deeper hole. I wish I could turn back the clock to that day and make everything right. I am willing to get the players that probably quit our server back, no matter how long it takes. I am sorry for spam-messaging any of you that I have, angering the ones who I shouldn’t have. I wish to make everything right in this application and possibly get a second chance at making everything right for the server as a moderator, banning hackers on survival, griefers on creative, and making the server fun for everyone.
I have taken some time off, learned the actual definition of being a staff member. I have learned that staff members don’t ban players while paying negligible attention to the actual situation. Moderators don’t unban and reban players to add a stupid reason to their ban. Moderators don’t override other co-staff members’ punishments. Moderators DEFINITELY don’t spam-message someone trying to get a suspension over.
I hope you are ready to give me another shot at not being delusional and actually being an acceptable moderator,

Do let it be known that your indefinite suspension was caused not by your actions that initially had you removed, but by the way you handled your suspension.

Before myself or another exec denies or approves this, I would like to give all staff the chance to add their thoughts.

Best of luck.



You’re an extremely hard working individual and have many qualities we look for when we are working with applicants. This is a reinstatement, so I would honestly say you were nice to have around at the time before your demotion. Activity will have to be one of the many changes you need to improve on to be a staff member.

Activity is a very prime thing that comes with being a staff member and while I haven’t been active myself, I’ve been slowly working on it. The reason why you should be active is because what if someone griefed the whole server and we all woke up to a horrible server, you could be there to roll the damages back and save the day. Another thing to work on would be handling things a bit better.

The way you dealt with your demotion was very immature and I hope it never ends like that again. You must take into account what you did wrong and understand why the person who had demoted you, demoted you. I hope you improve on your way of handling issues like that.

Other than all of that you are very nice, helpful, and many other things. I hope to see you on the staff team once again! Work on many things and you will surely become better at moderation.

P.S. most of this might not make sense, since I’m terrible at explaining things but hopefully the people who read this will understand the point I’m trying to get across here.



I’m gonna stand by what I said when you first applied here, which is that I just don’t see you fitting in well with the rest of the team.
I think you’re a nice guy, I think you learned your lesson, and I think you have some good administrative qualities.
However, your immaturity and handling of your suspension is still looming over my judgement and I cannot reasonably see your readmission into this team to go smoothly.



This quote right here. This shows a high level of immaturity. You went on TF and ruined everyone’s day, for what? Because UMC and TF are associated in a way, we are continuously compared to them, and if we have a staff member, that only goes on TF and ruins everyone day, it will show that the server only picks up troll staff, and that is not what I want this server to be. I have also never seen you online, but this may be due to timezones.



Comparing to what @Zhnx has said, I am in full agreement with him. We have an agreement with TF that if any staff member comes on the other server to troll, grief or manipulate the server in any way, they will be punished accordingly. For example, if I were to go on TF and grief, my staff position here would be revoked. This isn’t the way we act, and it is certainly not the way we want our staff to act. Also, ruining people’s day is just low and uncalled for. Then thinking it is funny “and troll on TotalFreedom and ruin everyone’s day “hehe”” Is just unacceptable and not what we want.



Going off of what @Zhnx and @Sced said. It’s been agreed upon that we show no ill against TF or even any other server. Trolling/griefing of any kind outside of our network will not be tolerated here. Like what NoHax said, if you think it’s funny to “ruin people’s day”, then I don’t know what to tell you. Respect for others has always been our number one priority as staff and also as human beings. I know you’re a good kid but based on incidents in the past, I don’t think I would trust you with a staff position here as it can ruin the reputation of our server if you keep up the trouble.



I was not a member of the staff team on the day of your suspension, so I do not have any experience working with you. However I am going to vote -1 on this reinstatement based on your slight lack of activity since then aswell as your reputation on TotalFreedom.

According to the screenshot shown above, you have received 37 punishments on TotalFreedom and have crashed the server multiple times. Which is as @Sced mentioned above, not the way we want our staff to act. I believe your presence as a staff member could damage our server reputation, especially if you keep up consistent misbehavior on TF.


I think the above admins hit the nail right on the head.

Your lack of maturity and the way you handle yourself both on UMC and on other networks is very telling of your character. You have some skills that come in handy whilst moderating however, your cons far outweigh a couple pros.

This reinstatement request has been denied. Should you wish to apply for staff in the future, please fill out the standard application as apposed to the reinstatement app.

I am not going to set a time for when you may apply again. It will depend on so many factors, one of which will not be length of time past. We are going to need to see actual efforts to improve in all areas both on UMC and other networks.

I hope the feedback received from above staff members will give you lots to think about.

All the best,


Removing this permanent restriction on reinstating, @RubbyTheRapist is eligible to reinstate if the staff approve him to return by a reinstatement vote.

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