Mod Reinstatement - x_Quicklyy

What is your in-game username?

What is your unique identifier?

What is your Discord username?

What was your rank prior to when you left the server?

Were you removed for a suspension?

What were the circumstances for your removal?
Here’s what events took place prior to/the day of May 15th, 2020.
Bobscog decided to mute someone for spamming. I wanted to tell the spammers how long they would be muted/why the event took place, as they could’ve been slightly confused by the abrupt mute. This was a huge mistake I understood as soon as I hit the ‘enter’ key, in which I apologize for doing. I should’ve read my message about three times over before actually sending it. In addition, I have also un-banned and re-banned a player banned by another moderator. This is what happened in detail. Someone decided to turn on their nuker hacks and grief a building. NoHax banned them for griefing, but I decided to add a reason to their ban as they should have been banned for nuker as well. This was also where I messed up, I should have taken it up with NoHax and told him to unban the player and add the reason. These two actions were horrible and I probably deserve my rank to be terminated. I took some time off, bettered myself as a moderator, and thought over the mistakes I have made. I also have argued with many of the moderators about my suspension, which was also apart of the list of mess-ups. The more appropriate course of action would be to take my suspension and deal with it, no matter if it was unfair or not(it was not unfair). I have also had a few incidents following my suspension. After this, I have read over the rules over and over again until they are drilled into my head. I have also worked with people outside of the server to better my moderation/communication skills. I have become staff on multiple servers, including Discords. These are a quick list of them, IP/Invite redacted to avoid advertising.
-Kieran’s server
-Lucid Universe
-Jake’s Discord
-GreenHydroYT’s Discord
So yeah, in conclusion, I have taken time off to better my moderation/communication skills to make sure that I am a good moderator and a seamless/helpful fit into the team. Sorry for letting you all that thought I would be a good fit into the team down.
Thank you all for taking the time to read my reinstatement application,


Your suspension was going to be temporary lasting a couple days at most. In the week following your suspension, you spammed multiple members of staff including myself trying to get it ended/ overturned. Your immaturity in the process of your suspension showed that you lack the tools to be a moderator.

I think i speak for a majority of the staff members when i say we think it would be in both party’s interests if you do not return to the staff team at UMC.

Happy gaming,




I’m addition to what Bob has said, you also spam messaged me, and also, in your reinstatement you said “ NoHax banned them for griefing, but I decided to add a reason to their ban” however, I did add a reason which was “Griefing”. Anyways, good luck.



Check two above. You’re a good kid. But I feel like you really need take a step back and don’t go overboard when it comes to your maturity. Also I don’t think it’s respectful to question a staff’s actions. Like NoHax for example, you questioned why he didn’t add the “Nuker” reason. It was still grief nonetheless. There was nothing else to be added. We know what we’re doing. I feel like your undermining the abilities of some of our staff and that’s just something we don’t want on our team. I wish you luck on your future.



You handled your suspension incredibly poorly, and I still believe you are not a good fit apart of this staff team. Not to mention, since your suspension, instead of going back on the server to try to help people, you rather went near-inactive and spent all of your time messaging staff about your suspension.



Thanks for all the feedback, I wish to redact this post as I feel I am not yet ready for moderator status and I will already be busy with other stuff.

iTzLeafPvP, please refrain from replying to mod applications.

I am closing this as xQuicklyy is choosing to withdraw his application for mod reinstatement.

Thank you to the moderators for your input.