Mod Reinstatement - Electfalcon23

What is your in-game username?

What is your unique identifier?

What is your Discord username?

What was your rank prior to when you left the server?

Were you removed for a suspension?

What were the circumstances for your removal?
I went Inactive, This was due to school starting for me and it was hard to adapt. it’s been like a month or 2 and My school work has become more controllable which is why I want to reinstate. I want to help grow the server the way I used to before going inactive!

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I remember Aaron saying something in Moderator chat saying that you were removed indefinitely, but I don’t know, I might have been seeing things. Aaron can correct me if I’m incorrect.

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Then I’m really retarded and your welcome to come back, I really liked when you were here. I’ll say that this is a +1


Welcome back!

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