Mod Reinstatement Application - Codex10(x_Quicklyy)

Here’s a little backstory of this application, as is with every single application I write.
I wrote a reinstatement application about a month ago, which was close to getting approved, but then I did one overzealous mistake and asked on what I could improve on from VtCx. That was a stupid move. After denial of that application, I decided it would be best if I just took some time off from every platform so that I could improve myself and actually learn what being a staff member is. Here’s what I came up with.
Staff members are people that are responsible for watching over the server and providing fun things for the playerbase. Staff members are people that care for the playerbase and always look ahead a good 2-3 steps before stepping one leg in front of the other. However, when I was a moderator, I wasn’t anything that this definition was. I failed to think ahead, and I always dwelled on my past actions. Not even looking to said ‘past actions’ for help or reference on what my next few steps would be, but just dwelling on the past in general. If I am so insistent on dwelling on the past, it would be in mine and the network’s best interest to use those past few steps as a reference point on how I am going to carry out the next few steps. That would have been a much better gameplan than the one, if any, gameplan I carried out on May 15th, 2019, 11:32 AM.
Okay, let’s do this.
Why would you like to be a moderator?
I would endear the opportunity to be a moderator again, as I would love to drive the server forward and do what I couldn’t do before - help. I know that the times of COVID-19 would be a time that we would need Minecraft more than ever, and there’s a subset to Minecraft fans - Free-OP fans. There’s a subset to that category too - UnraveledMC fans. These are people that lean on this server for their enjoyment. People that trust the staff members, people that know that here is a place that is safe and can stay in without the fear of being judged. I can see this clearly, and it’s something that I want to nourish. I will be consistent with my actions, making sure that I punish anyone that is breaking the rules, regardless of what relation said rule-breaker has to me. I want to give this server another moderator, which I know it doesn’t have many of at the moment. I will be active from now on, joining every day for approximately 30 minutes, more if I find time to do so.

Do you have any applicable experience in a leadership role?
I have been a moderator on a server that another staff member is hosting here, and I found the opportunity of training one of the staff members that we approved the other day a good chance to learn a thing or two. From this server, I learned the virtue of patience, and that it is a quality that I didn’t have in the past - that also lead me to not be able to think two steps ahead as I didn’t have the patience to think like much of the staff members here do. I was also a staff member on a server that experiences about 20 players per day, and I know how Free-OP servers function. I also gained a little bit of patience from residing on this server, too. I am also a staff member on a server in which the owner is quite strict with respect, but we’ve bonded together for some time too. I learned from that server that even though people may be your friends, you must view them the same as everyone else when it comes to moderation, no one deserves special treatment.

How long have you been playing on the server?
Since mid-March/April.

What is your username and unique identifier?
My username is Codex10 and my UUID is 3512d7f9-c38b-44ef-a8d6-648af5f363aa.

Do you have any social media?
I have a Discord, which is Codex10#0222, and I have a Google Hangouts, which is I also have as a Google Hangout, but I would prefer the primer account as it gets much less spam than the latter account.

The remainder of these questions only applies to staff members filing for their former rank.

What was your rank prior to when you left the server?
I was a moderator.

Why were you removed from your role? Please specify if you went inactive or were removed.
I was removed from my position as moderator because I over-rode several punishments, much of like what CTAnut did. Although, his mistakes were truly innocent. My mistakes were me trying to play the hero and ban someone who was only banned for five minutes. That was a stupid move, as they were only banned for five minutes, a punishment that was expired at the time of me banning their alt. I should have taken the measurement of time when dishing out this punishment, something that again, I didn’t have the patience to do earlier. Then, someone decided to spam the chat, and then Bobscog muted them. I wanted to let them know how long they would be muted for, but that was not a good move as Bobscog was the one who administered the punishment. He should be the one to tell him the length of his punishment, if he so chose to do so. In addition, NoHax punished someone that was griefing, and I saw that he forgot nuker. I should have not unbanned and then rebanned him, as there was already a reason - griefing. That wasn’t even the worst part. I then decided to argue with countless other moderators trying to get my punishment overturned. In hindsight, this seems like a really stupid mistake as I should have taken into account why I was punished and then went from there. I should have realized that I was punished for a reason. If I was let off scott-free, justice would not have been served to the two people that were punished unfairly for my shortcomings. Even then, I decided to go and troll on TotalFreedom, a server that has done nothing to me whatsoever. I shouldn’t be venting my anger on a server that did absolutely nothing to hurt me, I should vent my emotions into something like my work, something that could be better if I just added fuel to it - my emotions.
I hope you’re ready to give me a second chance at this,


+1. As I said on my previous recommendation, Codex has literally taken a bunch of time off to calm down, which I respect. He has constantly been trolled by multiple people, and that may have contributed to this. I think that we should give him another chance, because he has waited almost 5 months for this. I made the same mistakes as he did, and I learned from mine, so Codex probably has learned too.


+1 see above

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I believe Codex has taken the time to change himself. The man has waited five months, and that’s enough for anybody. Good luck.


I would first like to say that my vote is irrelevant but still has great importance. I think although you have waited a long time there has been no significant change in your behavior. I did not know you well when I played on the server, but I have heard and seen enough to know that it is not fitting for you to be given your position back. I wish you the best in your future endeavors…


Even though she is an architect, I am in full agreement with Alexis. You don’t seem like you have changed much. Some aspects, yes you have. However, some you have just acted slightly immaturely.


Although you have improved a tiny bit, I still have a spot in my mind where you just want a rank because who would attempt to reinstate on a server 4 times? I really like what Alexis said even if she isn’t a staff member. I’m not -1ing you just because I don’t like you or any other thing you might assume. I just really didn’t like the fact that in the previous applications you have made, you have dmed multiple staff members about the application and that totally ruined your reputation.

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I will act as a tiebreaker in this application and with the votes being ultimately so split like this - I will have to deny this post. It is made clear that your reputation in tandem with your attitude has not helped your case in building a positive relationship on this server, so with that in mind, this is being denied.