Mod Application

Why would you like to be a moderator?
Because I want to help the server ex:I tell them the commands of worldedit, i guide them through the server and ban hackers.
What’s the first thing you’d do as a moderator?
My goals are to help people with commands and guide them to the server

How long have you been playing on the server?
for 1week mostly.

**What is your username and unique identifier?**my username is vs002 and my uuid is d7f45648-f8b2-4087-b87a-1114e80881f3
Do you have any social media?
I have discord name:SeanGamingYT#5618

a. Questions one and two are intended to be responded with a short paragraph as indicated by the template, which should consist of more than one complex and one simple sentence.

b. You forgot to remove the template’s header which gave instructions on how to address the following questions.

Please correct these mistakes and happy applying! :slight_smile:

k ok mate im fixing now sir.

P.S: Please refrain from responding on your own application. :wink:


It seems like you whipped this application up in three minutes or less. There’s a lot of commitment needed to be a good moderator on the server, and I don’t think you have it in you. I honestly think you should review our rules as well, since it doesn’t seem like you looked through it thoroughly. I also cannot express this enough; join our discord before applying. You are kind, but there’s a lot more to helping people than just world edit and “banning hackers”.


Though you have addressed basic moderator goals, I feel as if your staff application is not thorough enough and needs to be a lot more detailed.


I am in full agreement with Grace. Your application is majorly lacking in detail and effort. As Grace said, I also highly suggest you join the discord.


I recommend adding more to your application, and as others have said you should also join the Discord server.

-1 As per the above.

Before becoming a moderator, you should at the very least joined the discord, and you should have more in your application as well. The more you put in your application, the more we can find out about you, and the more reasons we would have to consider you for the position. A short application shows that you should probably be more committed before becoming a moderator.

-1; you should’ve joined the server’s guild or Discord community before applying. In addition, I’d liked to have seen more forum activity and importantly more group participation on the server before you submitted this application. I’m in agreement with Grace on the nature of what it means to actually help people.

@Vs002, your application has been denied.

Based on the input from our staff members it seems like you would not be a good fit for a Mod position at this time. I encourage you to join the Discord and spend more time with the community before applying again.

You’re welcome to apply again on 2020-04-24T04:00:00Z.