Mod application

  1. You’ve been active on the server for more than ten days and have demonstrably helped other people out on the server. yes

  2. You’ve been in possession of a forum account for more than five days and have posted in another conversation that isn’t this post. yes

  3. You’ve joined the server’s community guild on Discord and have been relatively active on other official community platforms. yes

  4. Before your application has been submitted, you’ve deleted the header and footer of this template including this checklist. yes

Why would you like to be a moderator?
I would like to me moderator to help people out on this server and ban anyone who’s hacking or abusing the server

Do you have any applicable experience in a leadership role?

How long have you been playing on the server?
10 days ago
What is your username and unique identifier?


Do you have any social media?

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This template is outdated.
Please use

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Denied on the premise that this has no votes, in conjunction with a lackluster/incomplete application.