Mod Application - Millioon

What is your in-game username?
Millioon (it says 1 day but i changed the account name from YTMillion to Millioon)

What is your unique identifier?

What is your Discord username?

What is your timezone?

Can you speak another language?
English and Norwegian

What is the link to your last application (if any)?

Why have you decided to invest your time into UnraveledMC?
Because i think i will be a good mod for the community. And i have helped people out with redstone, buildings and stuff. If you deny this application I understand.

Is there anything you’d improve about the server?
Yes. The server is my favourite (exept hypixel lmao)

Can you describe your overall experience on the server? Are there any notable staff members?
Uhhh… What do you meaan.

What are you like on other servers? Have you receieved a punishment somewhere else?
Nope. I’m a very good player and people enjoy playing with me.

Do you have any notable moderation experience elsewhere?
Yeah. I own my own server and im staff on another one.

What makes you qualified to be enforcing the server’s rules?
What do you mean.

What traits do you think that makes you a strong and valued staff member?
Good players, friendly staff. And i will hopefully make some new friends!

Is there anything you’d like to add?
Block the /pl, /plugins commands.

-1; you didn’t answer many of the questions. “What do you mean” isn’t a response. :slight_smile:

but i didnt understand


If you lack the understanding to answer simple application questions, you probably lack the understanding to moderate a Minecraft server.

Further more, you have been banned multiple times for griefing. That kind of behavior is not that of what we look for in our applicants.

Best of luck.

I barely ever see you in game (that may just be my time zone), you’ve been banned twice, half of the questions are unanswered and even if you don’t know what they mean, you could’ve asked one of us.

-1 This application fails to adequately answer questions. The inability to answer a simple question as stated by Bob is telling of how you might administrate the server. You took no prior initiative to ask for help on what that question asks of you which is telling of how you’d respond to situations on the server. In your punishments section you stated you’re a good player. There are at LEAST two instances of known grief that you have been banned for which is telling of how you comport yourself in general. My final point to speak on is more of an opinion matter that doesn’t harm your application alone but I think it’s important to note. As you may know, UMC is a freedom server. The server is not meant to restrict commands that have no need to be restricted. As such restricting /pl when all it does is list our plugins is not really warranted. Especially considering that our custom plugins are open-source. I find issue with this suggestion because it says that you are not as familiar with the community as you should be.
Best of luck.
P.S. I also meant to add that you are very inactive with barely 24 hours of game time.
Edit: You should not be asking admins to read your application, they will get to it when they get to it

@Million, your application has been denied.

As said earlier,

You may re-apply again on 2020-06-30T04:00:00Z.