Mod Application - Auldgreg

What is your in-game username?

What is your unique identifier?

What is your Discord username?

What is your timezone?
eastern time zone

Can you speak another language?
No i can only speak english

What is the link to your last application (if any)?

Why have you decided to invest your time into UnraveledMC?
I feel like I needed a break of usual Minecraft pvp so I decided to join a server that had world edit. While looking I found this one and joined it. My first day was pretty eventful. I extended the road more and made it go up a hill, but it was removed. Then I decided I would build a mythical forest but I was swiftly banned for griefing the road because I build the forest over the road. I started to build a jungle when I got back and more and more. I found building very fun.

Is there anything you’d improve about the server?
I would like to improve getting rid of griefers faster. If I was on the server I would try not to go afk and be open to reports coming through on server where people haven’t connected onto the forums yet.

Can you describe your overall experience on the server? Are there any notable staff members?
One of the first staff I found was Gloomer. Most of the I know are Nohax, Zephinx, Aaron when he was staff, and Gloomer.

What are you like on other servers? Have you receieved a punishment somewhere else?
On other servers im just one of those sweaty pvp nerds who plays for like 6 hours at a time.

Do you have any notable moderation experience elsewhere?
The only “moderation” I’ve had was on a test server I made for a project at my school were I coded and tested mini game plugins.

What makes you qualified to be enforcing the server’s rules?
I’m good at demanding and asking why to questions. What I mean by asking why is that I can explore more into what’s happening and not be tricked.

What traits do you think that makes you a strong and valued staff member?
I’m not easily manipulated. I can easily empathies, and I type quickly so I get rid of griefers quicker.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
I don’t have a micorphone

I probably need to need to know Spanish


I believe you will be a great member of the team. You are active, helpful, and generally a good player to be around. However, if you were to become a Moderator, you would generally have to be on both the Creative and Survival server, so when on Survival, make sure to disable all modifications in the client. Anyway, like I have mentioned above, you are a good player to be around, and you are very interactive within the community. Good Luck :slight_smile:

(Also, add your full discord, for example NoHax#3669 instead of just NoHax)


edit to -1

After multiple staff members have advised on your prior interactions with staff, I am inclined to change my vote to a -1. You have shown high levels of immaturity in the past and well as your interactions more recently. Handling conflicts calmly without a “short fuse” is something we strive for. I feel as if this isn’t a quality you do not currently posses.

Looking back to what you posted in the past and your reputation before… I’m changing my vote to -1. You seem like a good player with good intentions but I don’t really think you have the maturity to be a fit in the staff team. Best of luck to you.


See Above.


I personally don’t think you will be a very efficient moderator. You have been disrespectful towards other operators and staff in the past. Hopefully I can see a change as time goes on.

Good luck.

@Auldgreg Please refrain from replying to your own application unless you are adding to it. :slight_smile:

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-1 You’re rather immature from what I’ve seen. I mean, so are most mods, but in a different way. Also what Grace said

-1 After reviewing your post history, and previous encounters with staff I have made the decision to vote -1. My reasoning is that you are not at this time capable to be a good moderator. To begin, you have very very poor grammar. Although poor grammar is not usually an issue, yours is. This is due to the fact that you are unable to piece together coherent sentences, something very important in terms of communications. Furthermore, you lack the capability to listen and jump to conclusions. An apparent example of this is when you accused shrimp of abuse. This was proven incorrect by server logs. You also obviously lack the understanding of what the server is about. You thought that “fuck off” made you look bad when in reality no one actually cares if you say fuck off. Fuck off. There I said it, do I all of the sudden look bad? No I do not. This is important as you need to understand the community at it’s core. I can go further in depth but I see no need. My suggestions is that you understand the server a bit more then re-apply, and when you do, please use proper grammar. Best of luck.

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