Might not be able to play on the server this weekend

My parents are going away for the weekend, and I need them to log in to their PC to play on the server. Since they’re away, I might not be able to play on the server unless they can send instructions on how to log in to my sisters. Just writing this so you know I’m not gonna be inactive because I don’t like this server anymore. After the weekend I’ll be able to play on the server again. Thank you for understanding.

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It’s fine if you’re going inactive. I would recommend changing your login information after your parents give her the password, so that they won’t do something malicious that could get you banned on the UnraveledMC network and/or other servers.

Good luck!

Nevermind, I will be able to play, as my dad texted the password to my sisters. I don’t think they will do anything malicious because 1. they’re my sisters 2. they don’t even play minecraft and 3. I wouldn’t even be able to change my password if I wanted to, because the password was for the pc itself not my minecraft account, and the pc is my dad’s. Sorry for taking so long to reply btw.