luky's and codex's and cta's and elect's and sced's shitpost

also shitpost

If the hacker does go to hell, please tell him to say hello to Lucifer. Also tell him to ask Lucifer to come and ask for my desires because I’ll happily tell him mine. :smirk:
I’m kidding.
Even as someone who knows the profession of hacking all too well, it’s fucked up to hack someone and jack their Minecraft account.

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strange part is that they didnt even change my password or anything, just changed my skin and name.
now its back and i changed my password.

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That’s good to hear, but still. It’s messed up. If you’re so desperate to hack someone, just make a new Minecraft account, spam the shit out of your keyboard when it asks you to make a password, copy paste that into the confirmation, and then try to hack that. Lol.

i dont know whats going on. ever since i started using my brothers pc, i have been getting hacked. first, my optifine cape was changed from my minecraft account to someone elses. its back. now this.


well off topic of this thread: one time i was looking through my brothers minecraft screenshots cause i was bored, i found him lagging the shit out of another free op server using minecarts. -_-

Okay, so why does this remind me of Fixer. We have a brother who is very civil, and we have a brother that acts like a dick on Free-OP servers. Such as Fixer, we have Ivy, who is a smart girl and very civil, and we have Theresa(Tess) who acts like a dick in school. Lol.

lmao apperently i have read 2.3k posts or something wtf click my profile and go to summary

Hey, reckon, can we change the title of this post to Codex’s and Luky’s shitpost? Lol


Oh yay thanks Luky :))


Oh yay. Maybe we can try to get this to 300 replies so we can beat Kieran’s shitpost :wink:
(no offense Kieran)

yaay good idea

did i mention im doing all of this on a school chromebook?

and i dont like chromebooks they are slow can barely even load flash games smh

Omfg, I hate school chromebooks. I was forced to give mine back. They promised me another chromebook, and I was like “don’t bother, I have my own computer.” So yeah, I’m using all of this on a Windows computer.

We were forced to give my MAC back because we couldn’t afford it at the time, because my family is still in debt from my CAT scan. And even then, they’ll still be in debt from my upcoming surgery.

aw lucky my parents wont let me use a pc i have to use this

best i can do is connect my keyboard and mouse to the chromebook (doing this right now) also i should start back to school now sooo yeah i only have like 1 hour left or somtin

Hard, yes, but yeah. It’s going towards my ears healing, so I could care less.

If you’re curious on what surgery I would be receiving, my doctor said that the only smart choice would be a whole reconstruction of my eardrum. He’s going to completely sedate me with a general anesthetic so that I am out cold, then he’s going to cut my whole eardrum out, and then use cartilage from behind my ear to fill the hole.