Lionnco - Reinstatement

What is your username and unique identifier?
Lionnco, 8e884ecc-fe37-4b38-8271-0c6621b4b0cc

Do you have any social media?

The remainder of these questions only applies to staff members filing for their former rank.

What was your rank prior to when you left the server?
I was a ‘‘Senior Admin’’ on the old UMC server.

Why were you removed from your role?
The server was discontinued, I believe. And I basically left.

+1 you’re active and know your stuff


please refer to thehour’s judgment

+1 I have known you for a while and I am aware you have good administrative qualities that would help the team. Good luck.

Per request this is on hold temporarily.

This application has been withdrawn on request. I’m waiving the time requirement for a new application.