Lexi and Kieran’s Shitpost

Pull a Bonnie, do it. I want to see it happen.

There is no escape

Bitch that’s my fucking discord status.

I should make it mine as well

It’s very true, you should know that. You can’t escape from the world of the living, nor the world of the dead.

I think that is the first thing we can both agree on

Not only that, but our undying love for Kai Parker.

That too, how could I forget

I don’t know, tell me how you can forget. I’m not you so I have no clue. It’s also irrelevant information.

Actually I forget things all the time so it makes sense

That’s very true, you even forgot you won speed builders yesterday after literally saying it to me and sounding so happy about it.

Yeah it’s an issue I struggle with on a daily basis

I think everyone struggles or has struggled with forgetting where in the hell something went.

No but my forgetfulness is on a completely different level

I can see something know exactly where it is and then when I want it… like 2 seconds later, I can’t find it. Then it turns up right in front of me.

Speed builders is really helping me though, im like pretty much better then everyone

Ayeayeron could beg to differ.

I’m going to beat ayeayeron today

I don’t doubt it.
Better beat him into the ground, make him feel the wrath of the Lexi.

He doesn’t know this but I’ve been training for this for weeks