Lexi and Kieran’s Shitpost

Lexi messaged me some mean things :cry:

She bombarded my screen with Lollllllllllll…

Now she needs a punishment.

Proceeds to rip her body apart, as promised.

Thanks for reading this useless thread, mostly targeted toward @alexisl.

We are attempting to get this to 1,000 replies so ignore this for now.

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See how mean she is to me. She must be stopped…

I wish you could like your own replies.

I wish we couldn’t, that would be an issue and totally a clownpusher move.

It would definitely not be an issue, it would make sense for me to live up to my honorary title as a clownpusher.

You shouldn’t be proud of that title, dumbass.

Says you

Says me? So mean

I’m actually the nicest person on this server.

I’m the nicest person on the server, what are you talking about Kieran wannabe?

You’re easily one of the meanest

That’s why my name is Kai :smiley:

So you do admit you’re one of the meanest on the server? Which partially contradicts you saying you’re not

But I never admitted to it.

I said you’re one of the meanest and you said that’s why my name is Kai. Mind you Kai killed like his entire family (which isn’t exactly nice)

I know. Keep in mind that he can also fling you across the room with a jerk of his finger.

Not if I were to throw you into that weird prison world where he was reliving the same day over and over

I would quite like that, that way I don’t have to deal with you.

But I could totally pull a Bonnie and be there in no time