Just keep a close eye on alternatedrifter

This was on TotalFreedom, I just want to bring this to attention so that more damage to the server is not done by alternatedrifter.
For you all who don’t know who he is, he is permanently banned from our server for admitting to crash the server nine times, spawning in villagers, and to top it all, they have been banned previously. This could happen again if he bypasses his ban, so I am just giving you all a heads up to see something, say something.
This could just be an empty threat, but it is better safe than sorry.

shut up nerd,
btw you were constantly flooding chat, it would’ve been bad for the server’s reputation that doesn’t exist if you weren’t suspended.


edit: and also, what that was said there, could’ve mean a totally different server, not everything revolves around unraveled you dum dum

Those are one of the reasons you got permanently banned last time, you stated that stuff that you shouldn’t have said on TF. Again, I don’t want to argue with you so I will kindly drop this convo.
I would also like to add that If you check logs, you can clearly see that you were in fact talking about Unraveled.
Oh and, at least I get to stay on the server and not get permbanned on like six different accounts :wink:

Cringe dpt


lol i know it’s been like 5 days but i only have another account and if i were to purchase more than i’d have much more than 6