Introducing voter perks: how to vote

Because of the importance of voting, we’ve introduced incentives to people who vote. Not only will this give you immediate return on the act of daily voting but it’ll help you remind to vote for us every day.

Introducing the “voter” rank
After you vote for the server you’ll automatically receive the voter in-game rank which will be given to your account for a total of about five hours per vote. Since you can vote for the server on five different sites, and votes can be submitted every twenty-four hours, you’ll be able to continually keep the rank by voting each day.

The voter rank comes with several permissions that allow you to utilize features that new players don’t automatically have access to.

  1. Voter-exclusive flat world. By having the rank, you’ll be able to access the world with /voterworld and build whatever you’d like without the presence of new players.

  2. Trail particles. While having the rank you’ll be able to configure your own trail particles using the PlayerParticles server plugin and an interface accessible by the /pp command.

  3. Entity “pets” that can follow you. Have your own familiar with the pets plugin and an interface to create your own customizable personal pet using the /pet command.

  4. Double the block edit limit. As a voter, you’ll be able to perform block edits greater than five thousand blocks, the default setting, but no greater than ten thousand blocks.

  5. Colored names, signs, and messages. Specify color codes in your /nick nickname and using signs. Signs with colors will not disappear if the rank expires, but your ability to make new ones will. Also, you can send your chat messages with color codes.

  6. Edit the names and lores of items. Voters can use the Essentials /give and /item commands to modify the names and lores i.e. descriptions of items with metadata.

  7. Special rank prefix. Users with the voter rank will have a special [Voter] prefix before their name on the server’s global chat and a light blue name color by default.

  8. Access to powertools. Bind your favorite commands to tools using the /pt command, and click to run. Useful to bind frequently used commands.

  9. Access to spectator mode. Fly around and explore our worlds while hidden in spectator mode. Be invisible to the eyes around you.

  10. Increased plot limit. Claim more plots in the plotworld than other users. All voters are able to claim up to four plots of their own.

How to vote for the server
The server is advertised on four online platforms which support voting. By submitting a vote coupled with your username on these sites, you’ll automatically receive the special rank using the Votifier plugin.

  1. minecraft-mp.com
  2. minecraft-server-list.com
  3. topg.org
  4. minecraftservers.org
  5. planetminecraft.com

Any issues with these websites or changes to the voting system utilized by these platforms can be reported to any developer or executive administrator. Happy voting!