Introducing - The Overail Network!

We all know that after the hacking attacks, all the creative worlds except the overworld and plotworlds were destroyed, and the plotworld was wiped of all its plots. As such, players have went to the overworld in search of areas to build in.

There is a problem though - who wants to fly for three thousand blocks in search of a suitable building spot?

This is where the Overail network comes in. Over the span of a month or two, the first line, the Alpha Line, will be extended following the Z Negative highway spanning not less than 3,000 blocks from end to end, with more lines coming in later. The goal of this project is to open up areas for development for players seeking to build in the overworld.

I am not requesting for anybody to build near the overail system or to contribute, but if you are interested DM me on Discord. My username is JakeTheGamerChP (i know, cheesy) and my Discord tag is #2057.

Thanks for reading, and happy building to you all!

Now this. This is dope.

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This is epic.

I can’t wait to see this when it’s done.