Institute a checklist before submitting an application

There are currently no bound requirements or information for general guidelines an applicant should meet before they submit a staff application for approval. I suggest we introduce some sort of checklist like I’ve written below:

Mod application suggested requirements checklist

Section one: Meeting the Requirements
Ensure that you have met the following requirements before posting your application ono the forum:

  1. You have a premium Minecraft account and you can provide the unique user identifier (UUID).
  2. You have an account on the forum
  3. You have joined our Discord server

If any of these requirements have not been met, make sure they have been before submitting your application. You will have to wait a calendar month to re-apply if you have not met these requirements, and your application will be denied.

Section two: Recommended tools of the trade
While not a requirement, make sure you have done and posess some knowledge of the following before submitting an application. Staff members might ask you questions about some of these things:

  1. Be an active member of the community. Don’t apply if you’ve just joined the server and already want to move up the ranks. Introduce yourself to staff members and stick around for more than just a few days.
  2. Be somewhat familar with administration commands. It’s always helpful to flex some knowledge about the plugins the server uses before you’re trained. Maybe familiarize yourself with some CoreProtect commands or Converse.
  3. Stick to your guns. We’re also looking for someone who brings a new set of skills or useful insight to the server in our candidates. Don’t say something just to help your application or because someone wants to hear it.
  4. Understand the server procedure. Knowing how to successfully submit an application and respetfully reply to comments is the best way to show you have a respect for how things are done around here. Speaking of replying to your application,

Section three: Application procedure
Staff members will leave comments on every application that is posted. Here’s how to make sure you know how to clarify and respond to members respectfully:

  1. Be understanding. Even if something a staff member has said is just flatly incorrect or you don’t agree with their opinion, you should always be understanding and remain respectful.
  2. Try to keep some things to yourself. This is also a key skill to have as a staff member and is something staff members will be looking for when they read your application. Not every reply deserves a comment or clarification. Maybe follow up with the staff member privately? After all, you’ve met the requirements and are on our Discord server, right?
  3. Be patient. You’re eager to be a staff member, please just be patient.

If you take away nothing else from this post, understand that how you conduct yourself on your application is the biggest indicator about how you’ll be a future staff member. If you are disrespectful on your application, we will expect to see the same thing in-game. Keep this in mind when replying to staff members or even answering the application questions.

This is the end of my proposed post.

Please let me know what you think.

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I agree with this, and in my opinion it’s pretty clear that we need some standards for our applications, so I think this should be implemented.

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Having a forum account is pretty much granted if they can submit an application. Other than that, I agree with this. I can add a checklist to the default application template.